They Stole My Children

      - Odette Mezeme Caldwell -


A week later, Hans came into the living-room while I was rocking the baby and humming to him a song from my home country. Lucas slept in our bedroom and I was getting ready to take him up to bed. I put him in his little cot and lay down myself as I was tired and wanted to have plenty of energy for when he woke up again. I was awoken suddenly in the middle of the night by the cries of my child and at the same time I heard Hans’ deep voice saying, “You are in my home here; you have to obey my rules. You wanted this child, not me.” I was terribly shocked by his words.

He insisted on telling me that it was me and me alone who had wanted a child to come into his house, not him! I was horrified. He then dictated two rules which I was to observe to the letter. The first rule was, “I do not want to hear the slightest sound at night, not the least bit of crying.” The second rule was, “At no time must any light come on, not even from the smallest lamp.”



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